Report | Environment Illinois Research & Education Center

In the Path of the Storm

Weather disasters kill or injure hundreds of Americans each year and cause billions of dollars in economic damage. The risks posed by some types of weather-related disasters will likely increase in a warming world. Scientists have already detected increases in extreme precipitation events and heat waves in the United States, and the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change recently concluded that global warming will likely lead to further changes in weather extremes.

Report | Environment Illinois Research & Policy Center

Getting Off Oil

America's dependence on oil inflicts a heavy toll on our environment. There are many technologies and policy tools, however, that can curb America’s dependence on oil--and Illinois can take the lead. 

Report | Environment Illinois Research and Education Center

Gobbling Less Gas For Thanksgiving

We can cut our oil use and reduce dangerous air pollution by requiring automobile manufacturers to meet stronger global warming pollution and fuel efficiency standards. Adopting the strong fuel efficiency standards currently under consideration is our nation’s greatest opportunity right now to reduce America’s oil consumption, cut global warming pollution from the transportation sector, and deliver important economic benefits to both consumers and businesses—including saving Americans billions of dollars at the pump.

Report | Environment Illinois Research and Education Center

Danger in the Air

All Americans should be able to breathe clean air. But pollution from power plants and vehicles puts the health of our nation’s children and families at risk.

Report | Environment Illinois Research and Education Center

Saving Energy, Growing Jobs

Every day, thousands of Illinois residents go to work to make our state more energy efficient. Across the state and in fields ranging from manufacturing and installation to architecture and engineering, Illinois has a thriving energy efficiency sector.